Your Own Private Offshore Bank Done For You

This is your opportunity to own a Bank Account Offshore in USA or UK at lowest cost and liability.

This Is A RARE Opportunity For Anyone!

Do you know how difficult to open offshore bank accounts when you’re living at comfort of your home? It is almost impossible for many.

But we have a GOOD NEWS for you! We can give you an exclusive access to that account at the fraction of cost that you would likely to pay when you do it yourself.

This is Very TIME LIMITED Opportunity, will not be offered to mass.

Ease of access

Access your account from anywhere in the word. Make deposits and withdrawals whenever you need. Use this bank account with your online businesses without any probelm.

Risk free

Since the accounts are stealth, you'll be able to use them without having yourself into trouble. Just stay under the radar by following the methods we include with the package.

Be The Boss

You are the boss of a bank account with endless possibilities. You can start a new business or fuel in your existing business with a new venture and accounts.

Private Bank Account

As a result of severe  banking regulation it is extremely difficult for non-resident to open financial account without a visit to the USA. Considering that excursion to the U.S. could be debilitating, tedious and costly it’s a smart thought to have somebody proficient in the United States who could deal with your American business everyday movement, including banking. If you wanna do it yourself, then plan to have at least $20,000 in your hand, apply for visa, buy air ticket and then visit a US bank branch to open your account. Though it is not certain that every bank will allow to open an account for you. There are lots of documents, proofs of your financial ability need to provide them in order to open your account.

Fortunately for you, we have got a solution that provides you with a stealth bank account with unlimited opportunity in your hand.

money in your hand

With our service your will get a complete online bank account with full control in your hand.

There are actually some banks in USA and UK that we really can get you an account from. We can also open a company in conjunction with the Bank account. (Visit our business incorporation package for details.)

These are regular retail banks such as citi, wellsfargo, bmoharris real US Bank, work for all banking and other services that allow ach & Zelle.
You’ll get full access to Bank including email & phone.
Full info used to create account.

They wouldn’t consider themselves offshore it’s just a regular bank in a different country.

Feel free to check our listing of bank and paypal account services to learn more.

It’s an offshore bank, an international bank, a foreign bank (for you).

The Goodness

With this Bank account you will have unlimited opportunity of doing business online. You can add paypal or Stripe with this account and make tons off money by selling products online.

You can also use ach and Zelle or transferwise to have your fund moved to any of your personalized accounts.

If you don’t have paypal or Stripe we have packages for these too. Visit our SHOP above in the Menu bar to find out.

Please note that we do not deliver a debit/credit card with this because you’ll need to have a US address. There are some services (google will help you to find out) that offer this who can receive your card and then ship to your address.

Full Features

Complete Stealth

These are complete stealth accounts with information used from other parties. You will get all information including phone numbers to access the account. Just use them as they are, only change the password to your own.

Perfet For Your Business

These are accounts that you can use with your business for as long as possible. Just keep yourself under the radar by following safe practice. A stealth guide will be handed to you with the delivery. You'll need to follow along the guideline when you access and use them.

Great For Online Business

These accounts are great for online business. You can use them with paypal or Stripe and add them with your eCommerce. Just comply with paypal/Stripe's requirements and you are good to go. Earned money can be withdrawn via method shown above.

Full Setup

The accounts are setup fully with good IP address/RDP (where applicable), email address and phone. You will get full access to all of these. Once transferred, all will become your own property. We have no control over them.

Real Bank Accounts

Please note that these are real bank accounts created with real info. You cannot change the name, SSN or other personal information. But you can change the password and phone numbers to make your own. If you change phone number make sure you use another with same location of the account.


Do business in Incognito mode. No one will be able to find out your source unless you specify. We would advise you not to disclose (as they are stealth accounts).

Choose the best plan

Below are the packages for US and UK Banks and Business. Please select the one that best suits your business. We will be able to deliver your account within 48 hours after payment. All payments will be made via crypto currency with FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in case we are unable to deliver your accounts.

Notes: You need to discuss and choose US banks from citi, Wels fargo, bmoharris, Chase and other listed in our Product page and then place order.

For UK Bank and Company incorporation + Bank account package You need to discuss first and then place order.

For all packages you’ll need to message us with order ID and purchase name (Bank or Incorporation). We’ll then process your order within 48 hours (for Bank accounts, 1 week for Company + Bank package)

Refund policy and terms of service

#1. We offer FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in case we are unable to deliver your accounts. If we cannot deliver our products or service as specified above, or you cannot access the accounts for the first time with given credentials, we will either replace the accounts or refund you. In order to proof you will either record video or access your account for the first time after delivery using any video session like skype screen sharing or teamviewer. We will ensure the accounts works by accessing and recording the sessions before delivery. This will be deemed as proof of account validity. We can also setup your account in your system via teamviewer and show you how to access them. Just let us know before/after purchasing.

#2. You need to log into your account using our given method as soon as you’ve received the account. Delayed login will not be counted under our Guarantee. Once you are able to login to account for the first time, it will be deemed as final, and you can change your password. Once you have logged in to the account for the first time and you’ve changed the password successfully, our guarantee will be void afterwards.

For UK Bank and Company incorporation + Bank account package You need to discuss first and then place order.

3#. We will pay for IP address, RPD, and Phone number for the first month, you’ll need to pay for the rest of months/year or as long as you use these accounts. For Bank accounts there will be monthly fee you need to pay every month. Each bank has its own fee schedule. You will also need to fund your bank within first month with AT LEAST minimum amount specified by the bank for safe keeping of your account.

#4 For all packages you’ll need to message us with order ID and purchase name (Bank or Incorporation). We’ll then process your order within 48 hours (for Bank accounts, 1 week for Company + Bank package).

#5. There are certain rules for using stealth accounts. You MUST follow the guideline and comply with them before accessing or using them. If you do not know how to use and maintain stealth accounts, you should not buy

#6 We may change this term from time to time, and you will need to comply with them.