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Done for You - Offshore Company With Business bank

Take this opportunity to get a DONE FOR YOU Company complete with business bank account linked. Your dream business right away!

Quick Setup

Done For You Limited Company incorporated with Business Bank in UK without you having to lift a finger. You can start venturing into your dream biz right after the company has been incorporated.

Registered Address

A registered address in the UK for the company and the bank account will be given in this package. This address will be your correspondent address for all business related matters.

Business Bank

The bank account associated with this package will be fully a business account. You will be the sole owner of the company as well as the bank account.

Worlds of Opportunities

Why should you consider starting or moving your business overseas?

Now before we talk about this there’s really nothing illegal about starting an offshore company as long as you follow whatever rules are prescribed by the country that you live in. Or in the case of US citizens are a citizen of something illegal.

 It’s actually a great strategy for three reasons. Number one: asset protection – the laws of the country where your company are based are the laws that establish how your money is protected. So if you live in the United States for example and you’re afraid of lawsuits; moving your business overseas can make it harder for people to sue you. There are higher requirements for litigation and how about that nobody can just come in and grab your money if it’s sitting in Nevis or in Singapore.

It puts up an extra wall for people who want to come and grab your money; whether that’s the government coming to take half of your pension or an angry creditor. Second reason of course is tax savings. People want to save money in taxes. Now there’s a myth that you can simply live in your home country where you’d normally pay high taxes it merely move your tummy business overseas to an offshore company and pay no tax. That’s not true. But when structured properly you can cut your tax rates dramatically. In some cases cut them to zero and in other cases you can improve the tax deductible. In other words you can take more expenses as tax deductions in a company like in United Kingdom than you would in a company where you live.

It’s not to make things a lot easier as well it can also be easier freq US citizens who live overseas who can save money on taxes in fact the average US citizen who makes a hundred thousand dollars a year an offshore company can save fifteen thousand dollars very easily just by incorporating offshore. And, the last reason of course is for image purposes. You find it easier to do business with people outside by having a company in UK. It makes life easier doing deals in Thailand when you have a Thai company or in Nicaragua.

The Solution

Having an offshore company will save you many ways.

We have a package that creates Stealth Company and Business Bank account anywhere in the UK for you which is even better than that said above. You are the sole owner of an offshore company that’s registered in stealth.

Package Include

  • Limited Company Formation.
  • Business Bank Account (to choose from few).
  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation of Ltd Company.
  • Digital Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • Digital Share Certificate(s).
  • HMRC Unique Tax Reference number (UTR).
  • Printable Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Printable Memorandum & Articles of association.
  • Printed Share Certificate(s).
  • Registered Office Address within England.
  • Sim card/Personalized phone number.

Time Limited Offer

Grab this now before we close the offer forever. Opportunities like this do not come very often. Those understand the value of a company + bank account offered in the single package at merely lowest cost, (at least for this kind of services), they grab away; never let it pass.

Currently UK/England Company + Bank Account package is available.

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